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“Investing in the Education of Future Generations of Students”

The South St. Paul Educational Foundation was established in 1984 to provide an innovative source of public school funding to support the South St. Paul public schools educational plan. Such initiatives provide enrichment, scholarships, training, intervention and prevention strategies, and extend the educational effort. The funds provided by the Foundation directly benefit students and staff and enhance educational opportunities.


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Board of Directors 2022-2023

President – Kristie Hood
Vice President – Bryan Price
Treasurer – Nick Brezny
Secretary – Mara Sonday
Executive Director – Beth Skwira


  • Brenda Applequist
  • Glen Birnstengel
  • Linda Diaz
  • John Laliberte
  • Alison Nelson
  • Mary Niederkorn
  • Janelle Rose

A HUGE thank you.

We are beyond grateful for the partnership and sponsorships from community businesses and organizations. Their support is critical to the sustainability of the Foundation. Due to their generous philanthropy over the years, we have been able to directly enhance the educational experience of thousands of our future leaders.



 Past Board Members

The Foundation is grateful to our past board members.
Thank you to these individuals who gave countless hours, valuable advice, and heartfelt generosity through the past 39 years!  


Robert Anderson, Brenda Apfelbacher, Keith Bares, Laurie Bauer, Beth Baumann, Judith Belde, Gary Boche, Dr. Michael Bozivich, Sue Brezny, Al Bushman, Adam Carter, Robert Carter Jr. ,Cheryl Carter, Rollin Crawford, Catherine Grimshaw, Tom Darden, Fran Delia, Jane Dittberner, Krista Edsten, Kyle Edsten, Betty Eldridge, Dave Ericson, Shelly Forester, Kay Francis, LaVonne Francis, Mike Francis, Thomas Freeberg, Kathleen Gaylord, Barbara Gerten, Kelton Glewwe, Molly Glewwe, Dr. Steven Gorman, Jerry Gunderman, Robin Hagerty, Tim Johnson, Jeff Kandt, Richard Kasel, Diane Keehr, Jean King, Georgene Kolnberger, Mark Kronholm, Carl Lehmann, Michelle Lehmann, Julie Lenertz, Steve Lewandowski, Helen McDonough, John MacKany, Robert Meyer, Robert Milbert, Mary Molumby, Lee Nelson, Greg Niederkorn, Susan O’Brien, Jodee Paape, Larry Palodichuk, Rankin Patet, Pam Pavleck, Don Peacock, Ron Prill, Thomas Ricker, Ken Rohlf, Melissa Rossow, Bruce Ruecker, Meghan Ruecker, Carmen Sanchez, Bette Schenian, Dale Schenian, Mike Schenian, Jill Simon, Kathy (Johnson) Smith, Mooreen Sonday, Tom Voigt, Rick Voigt, Janet Voight, Phil Voight, John Vujovich, Cari Vujovich, Dr. Dave Webb, Nancy Whiteside


Brian Barenscheer, Margaret Batemen, Vance Grannis Sr., Larry Gru, Kenneth Manthey, Mary Jane Morin, Margaret Murr, John Lally, Iantha LeVander, Roland Olson, James Lindell, Bruce Gru, Bernard St. Peter, Margaret Hall, Stanley Kegler, Milt McMorrow, James O’Leary, Jerry Arvidson, Tom Metzen, Janet Morgan, Dr. Anton Spraitz, Doug Woog, Calvin Sorensen, Ken Nelson, Keith Wells, Carrie Pietruszewski, John Wilke