Winners Circle

Each year the scholarship banquet brings together students, donors and community to celebrate two themes that have shaped the South St. Paul community for over a century; a passionate belief in the value of public education and an understanding that our youth are our messengers for the future.

No high school, especially a high school with the unbelievable potential of our own, can achieve its greatest destiny without alumni involvement. The Educational Foundation is excited how each day we reach out and engage more and more “lost” alumni that have not had contact with South St. Paul since graduation.

We are asking all former scholarship recipients to “pay it forward” to continue the tradition of providing scholarships to future graduates of South St. Paul. Please consider becoming a member of our ‘Winners Circle” by contributing $10.00 or more to our Winner’s Circle Campaign. We will publish a listing of our winners circle donors in our newsletters and annual report. Your support of the South St. Paul Educational Foundation is greatly needed and appreciated.

In an effort to keep our records current please update your information here – Alumni Update Information.

Your donation can be made by online or by mailing a check to the South St. Paul Educational Foundation Attn: Winner’s Circle, 521 Marie Avenue, South St. Paul, MN 55075.

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